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'Exciting but daunting': The truth behind launching a rec firm

'Exciting but daunting': The truth behind launching a rec firm

"Together we have a very rare, if not unique blend of skills, experience and ways of working."

With 35 combined years of expertise in finance, recruitment and a passion for value, the brainchild of Claire and Duncan Watt - Montgomery Watt - was born.

The recruitment firm that specialises in finance and transformation roles, was launched in January this year.

Having held a 20-year career culminating in several CFO and Managing Director appointments at a FTSE25 business, Claire Watt decided it was the right time to set up her own firm. Understanding the nuances of what clients would expect from a recruitment partner, as well as being married to an experienced recruiter, the idea of setting up the business seemed like an obvious move. And so, Montgomery Watt was born.

“Together we have a very rare, if not unique blend of skills, experience and ways of working. Between us we have first-hand experience as a recruiting CFO and transformation director, recruitment consultant, head hunter, mentor and internal recruiter,” explains Claire Watt, “and it is our passion for adding value to the finance community that drives us”. 


“It is our mission to add value to everyone we work with,” Watt continues. “Having been a CFO I want to see the value in a service I am paying for - so we apply this to our business model. Our value proposition is twofold; we work closely with our clients to understand what they really need for their business success, drawing on my experience as a recruiting line manager as well as Duncan’s breadth of market knowledge.

“Secondly, the work we do with our candidates; providing valuable CV, interview and career advice is just as important. The recruitment process is a two-way deal – it is as important for the candidate to find the right role and company as it is for the client to find the candidate with the right profile.”

And it seems that this focus on quality work is paying off, with Watt exuberant with the progress they have made so far. “Working with our clients to formulate their requirements, leveraging my own learnings is so helpful,” she continues.

However, it’s not been an easy ride. “Having launched Montgomery Watt in January, and with three young children, this is an exciting but daunting venture,” Watt explains. “We do have future plans on how we would like to develop and grow Montgomery Watt, but first and foremost our focus is on building a trusted and valued brand”.