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Climbing the ranks with
Charlie Grubb, Managing Director
at Robert Half Executive Search

Climbing the ranks with Charlie Grubb, Managing Director at Robert Half Executive Search

This month, Recruitment Grapevine charts the career journey of Charlie Grubb, Managing Director at Robert Half Executive Search.



1988 – 1992

Birmingham City University

Business Studies

My degree was a sandwich course where you had a four-year course with a year out in the business. So, you had to find yourself a job in your third year and I ended up finding a job at Computer People.



1990 – 2003


Computer People was an awesome organisation to work for. It heavily invested in its people and developed and trained you in a number of ways. I was learning, progressing, being stretched and challenged and, if I look back on my career, I liked that challenge and the opportunity to try out new things.



I do what some may call more sporting challenges where you physically challenge yourself to walk Hadrian’s Wall or do the Oxfam trail trekker. 



2003 – 2006

Regional Director

Tmp was owned by Monster Worldwide and we had a trip to their head offices in Boston to understand how the business works. Getting out there to see how the head office of that organisation works and bring to life all the things we were looking to implement in the UK was a highlight. It made me understand the values and the business that they wanted to create.



I’ve always liked travelling. Now that my kids are a bit older, we’ve just had a travelling trip out to South Africa. Last year, it was Thailand, the year before that it was Costa Rica. We work hard but we like to experience different places. 



2006 – 2012

Managing Director

That role was all about working for small privately-owned businesses with the view to getting equity in the business. Having worked in corporate organisations before, I thought that the golden ticket was to work in a small business and get some equity. So, I set up that business from scratch working with a couple of other partners who ran other businesses.





2013 – 2016

Associate Director

Robert Half Technology

The brand Robert Half expands on the right sort of values. The ethics we conduct our business with and the people that represent it; the individuals that coach and develop me all share my values.


2016 – present

Managing Director

Robert Half Executive Search

The role I’m doing now is my career highlight. I’ve always loved executive search recruitment. When the opportunity arose to work in executive search in a brand that I rate and value I couldn’t turn it down.