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Climbing the ranks with David Morel, CEO & Founder at Tiger Recruitment

Climbing the ranks with David Morel, CEO & Founder at Tiger Recruitment


This month, Recruitment Grapevine charts the career journey of
David Morel, CEO & Founder at Tiger Recruitment.



1994 – 1997

Publishing & Planning

My degree was totally irrelevant in terms of what I do now because I studied publishing and planning. However, it was a modular course so there were aspects that were business and marketing focused and a few of those modules have contributed to what I do now.



Remain positive all the time, always try and be the best and understand what it takes to be the best. However, you need to understand that you will never know the answer to everything so be willing to learn. 


I would say skiing; fishing and staying fit
are the things I like to do outside of work.
I also enjoy eating out at restaurants.



1997 – 2001

Associate Director

I was quite young at the time so the opportunity to get involved and to have more influence in decision-making and management and learning those essential skills was a massive opportunity. In terms of things that I was able to take with me to Tiger Recruitment, probably from a management point of view, the experience that I learnt from that was massively useful. I was able to bring the fact that I had worked in a temporary division there and I had proved myself which certainly contributed to my confidence.




2001 – Present


I always wanted to run my own business. I had quite a lot of creative ideas and I was finding it hard to put them into practice where I was previously. Also, I was speaking to an increasing number of clients and candidates who were disillusioned with the service that they were getting, and I felt that I could create a company that was highly professional and better-dedicated to our clients. I wanted to set up a recruitment agency that was around marketing and branding which hadn’t really been done effectively up until that point.