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Recruiting in... Cardiff

Recruitment Grapevine explores what its like to recruit in the West Country's capital
Recruiting in... Cardiff

Cardiff is the UK’s 11th largest city and the capital of Wales. Dale Williams, co-founder of Yolk Recruitment, an agency based in the city, shared his experiences of living, working and recruiting in the ‘City of Arcades’.


What do you love about being a recruiter in Cardiff?

The quality of life offered in Cardiff is incredible. As a city it’s fairly unique in that you can be on a beach or in the mountains within a 20-minute drive or train journey, and the pace of life is that little bit slower here while still offering all you’d expect from a capital city.

House prices are lower, school are good and commutes are much less painful when compared to London. Equally, you can be in London within two hours on the train. We are seeing an increasing amount of candidates who recognise and embrace that, and are relocating from other cities to enjoy all that Cardiff has to offer.

 And, with so many universities in and around the capital city there is a vibrant and growing pool of talented, qualified young graduates entering the jobs market. From law to graphic design, there is a wealth of indigenous talent to recruit from, and we see a huge amount of people who move here to study who don’t want to leave after their student days are over. 

What challenges does a recruiter face here? 

Delays on the M4 around the Brynglas tunnels in Newport has been a big problem for a number of years for those commuting to and from Cardiff and using the M4 for business travel. The fact that the Welsh Government is looking at potential solutions is very welcome, as it’s imperative we can enjoy easy access to and from the south west and east via the M4. Another issue has been the tolls on the Severn Bridge, but those being scrapped by the Government will certainly make commuting into and out of Wales on the M4 much easier and more cost effective for workers.

What do you see in store for Cardiff in the future?

As with anywhere in the UK at the moment, while we await the details of a final agreement with the EU, there is a lot of uncertainty around Brexit. Both candidates and employers have expressed concerns over the unsettled future. We predict that nervous candidates will be less likely to consider leaving their current roles due to these concerns. The prospect of Brexit is affecting confidence, with many companies putting their long-term business strategies on hold until they discover the full implications for them.

 On a positive note, Cardiff has become a hotbed of technical and creative innovation in recent years, and these industries are really booming here. The BBC studios here and other film studios moving in to the city and surrounding areas means it’s becoming an increasingly popular media hotspot, and the creative industries are growing as a result. Marketing, design, branding, SEO and web design are all areas that are booming, and we are seeing a growth in demand for in-house professionals to look after these areas – as opposed to outsourcing them to agencies from outside Wales as has been the case in the past. Our marketing division has never been busier as a result.