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What are the difficulties in remaining competitive in such a saturated market?

Ricky Martin, Founder and Managing Director of Hyper Recruitment Solutions explains...
What are the difficulties in remaining competitive in such a saturated market?

Year-on-year growth comes down to vision, drive and people. As a recruiter having the right people is paramount, they share the vision and drive success. Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) could not have achieved the growth it has experienced, without the team around me.

‘Why’ you are in business, is powerful and a question that every recruiter needs to ask themselves – especially when you make the decision to grow a business in a competitive market. HRS specialises in recruitment across science and technology industries, in particular those with a primary focus in making the world a better place. This includes companies who create lifesaving medicines, and life changing technologies. Having this ethos gives HRS a laser guided focus that is instrumental to our growth.

Best in class will always prevail, we are in an era of recruitment excellence and professional standards are key to any recruitment companies’ survival.

Why did you specialise in recruitment across science and technology industries?

Simply put, we focus in the science and technology industry as I want to make a difference and change lives. As a qualified Biochemist, part of my drive is making a better future for human health – ultimately helping people.

HRS places talent into positions which are created to improve life – a project manager spearheading pioneering sustainability work, or a downstream scientist researching ground breaking gene therapy.

I wanted to create a business which reflects my own values and one that cares about the future and helping people.

What's your company vision? Has this been integral to growing your brand?

Our vision is to provide a recruitment service that will assist in the improvement and quality of life for all. This means when we place talent, we are not just placing people into a new role but also retaining talent across our industries we work in, fulfilling roles that can have immense impact on life for the better.

Before HRS, one thing I always grew up wanting to do was to help people and make a real difference. This purpose made me choose science as an initial career path and is why I got my bachelors in Biochemistry.

Without this vision, there is no doubt in my mind that HRS would not be what it is today. It has given HRS purpose, beyond the financial reasons. Created integrity, saying no to business that does not share these values. And resulted in the brand being recognised as a leader in its market.

What are you plans going forward?

Recent successes for HRS include brand new offices in Manchester and Edinburgh allowing us to be closer to more markets across the UK. And we are not stopping there, we have our sights on expanding internationally and continuing to our grow our footprint on British soil too.

The future for HRS is clear, we will continue to improve relationships with the science and technology communities, to strengthen the talent of our workforce and expand into new territories. HRS’s core belief and ethos is the driving factor behind our expansion and part of the success we’ve witnessed so far.