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What's it like to recruit in The Netherlands?

What's it like to recruit in The Netherlands?
What's it like to recruit in The Netherlands?

Lined with canals, medieval churches and corridors - not to mention very happy citizens, and an egalitarian approach to life -The Netherlands sounds like a great place to live. But what is it like to work there? We speak to Iwan Elzinger, Business Manager at Eurostaff and leader of the office in Utrecht, to find out…

What's it like to recruit in the Netherlands?

The economy in The Netherlands seems to be getting stronger each year and this is reflected in the amount of vacancies that are coming up. There is a lot of good business out there for Eurostaff. The big challenge is finding strong candidates. With the expertise, network and local presence that we have, I believe that we could become a dominating force for the IT market in The Netherlands.

In January 2018, the unemployment rate in the Netherlands stood at 4.2%. The UK’s unemployment rate is 4.3%.

What are the highlights and the challenges?

The best part of working in The Netherlands is that clients are very open to discuss their needs in great detail. They are proud of their businesses and this reflects in the way we can really build relationships that go much further than just a simple placement. We think about recruitment solutions together. Account management is key on the permanent market and I have always found that great relationships come with excellent repeat business and great referrals via word of mouth.

The Netherlands has a population of 17.02million.

We find challenges in the amount of vacancies versus the amount of available candidates. Luckily the Dutch government supports highly skilled migrants in various ways, so our challenge is actually quite a luxurious one; we are trying to source candidates from all over the world. This is where Eurostaff's large global network is very useful.


The Dutch revel in the sunlight – when it comes around that is. In fact, some may call in sick for a ‘mental health break’ or leave work early on a day where the sun is shining.


What are your plans for the future?

Eurostaff has built up very successful markets in various countries, with the German operation, the Berlin office is a great example. My aim is simple; emulate what made that office so successful and implement it in The Netherlands. Within the next three to four years I want to have surpassed the successes of where the Berlin office was in the same timeframe. With the current economic climate and with the infrastructure Eurostaff has in place, I am confident we will get there.