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Climbing the ranks with Paul D'Arcy, Senior VP, Marketing at Indeed

Climbing the ranks with Paul D'Arcy, Senior VP, Marketing at Indeed

This month, Recruitment Grapevine charts the career journey of 
Paul D’Arcy, Senior Vice President, Marketing, at Indeed


1996 - 1998

Harvard Business School

I was fortunate to attend Harvard Business School - it’s an amazing institution filled with inspiring people. There was no particular focus or major, but the school is meant to accelerate your learning about broader business issues and leadership, and it was certainly helpful for that.



1998 - 2004

Marketing and Product Management

I built marketing and product management functions for early-stage software companies in the Austin Ventures portfolio.



I love to travel all over the world.
This year, I will visit six continents in seven months.


2004 - 2008

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

I was the Chief Marketing Officer of a small software startup called MessageOne. It was eventually acquired by Dell, and so I wound up at Dell by acquisition. Going from a startup to a big company was shock, but it turned out to be a very lucky career opportunity.



I love to hike, spend time in the mountains and I run almost everyday.


2008 - 2012

Executive Director

At Dell, I landed a role where I was responsible for marketing across 40 countries. This enabled me to learn a lot about cross-cultural differences. The role also helped me grow leadership skills, coming from a small startup to managing hundreds of people.


One of the things that I love most about my job is that it is global. I spend an enormous amount of time with our teams around the world and it’s just fascinating to immerse yourself in different cultures.



Senior Vice President of Marketing

I joined Indeed when we were a small fraction of the size that we are today. Indeed is a rare company in that what we do is incredibly important – helping people get jobs is a powerful purpose. I feel fortunate to be able to be part of a company that is global, growing and has a mission that really matters.