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Who is... Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park?

Who is... Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park?

Executive Grapevine | Executive Grapevine International Ltd

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith is set to resign over the government’s decision to back a new runway at Heathrow Airport.

The Richmond Park MP and former Mayoral candidate has been a constant campaigner against the runway – labelling the final thumbs up as "catastrophic".

“The government has chosen a course that is not only wrong, it's doomed,” Goldman said in the Commons after the decision.

"It is wrong because of the million people who will directly suffer on the back of the environmental harm this project unavoidably produces, and doomed because the complexities, the cost, the legal complications mean that this project is almost certainly not going to be delivered."

Goldsmith was elected as Deputy Chairman under former Environmental Secretary, John Gummer, of the Quality of Life Policy Group in 2005. The Group was responsible for examining “quality of life matters”, i.e. carbon emissions, climate change and transport.

The final report recommended that taxes be increased on shorter flights and highly polluting vehicles – and was met with heavy criticism from Labour MPs, as well as from David Wilshire, former Conservative MP for Spelthorne near Heathrow.

Goldsmith has a somewhat privileged private life – having been born into the elite Goldsmiths family, son of Sir James Goldsmith. He was brought up at Ormeley Lodge in Ham, London and was educated at Eton College in Berkshire – however, he was later expelled from the college after drugs were found in his room.