Which Lord of the Rings character would make the best CEO?

Which Lord of the Rings character would make the best CEO?

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We recently released a poll asking our audience to vote on which character from the acclaimed trilogy of books and films, the Lord of the Rings, would make the best CEO.

But before we announce the winner, let's just take a look at the four characters and build a case for why they would be an ideal Chief Executive.


Heir of Isildur, rightful king of Gondor and leader of the Dúnedain (nope, I don't know what that is either), Aragorn's list of titles would make anybody's CV an unbelievable one. The talented warrior and leader proves to be an invaluable member of the Fellowship of the Ring, and although for the most part he appears to be more of an executive assistant with a few runs as acting CEO, he certainly showed the skills needed to become a great leader.

Patience, determination, compassion and fearlessness are just some of the traits he possesses in abundance, not to mention his excellent tracking skills he will use to approach situations when a discontent employee decides to hand in their notice. All in all, a very inspirational and motivational character who thrives under pressure and never gives up even when the odds are strongly against him. 

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