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Iran Air appoints first female CEO

Iran Air appoints first female CEO

Executive Grapevine | Executive Grapevine International Ltd

Iran Air have appointed their first female CEO since its national airline was established in the 1940s – The Independent reports.

Local state-owned Newspaper, Iran Daily reported that Farzaneh Sharafbani, 44, who holds a PhD in aerospace engineering and previously served on the Board of Iran Air, was appointed to lead the airline.

The administration of President Hassan Rouhani who was re-elected earlier this year, has appointed women to a number of management posts.

Whilst this news breaks long-held traditions within the Islamic Republic, other countries still have work to do in achieving diversity with unconscious biases continuing to hold women back. For example, only six per cent of top paid CEOs in the US last year were women.

The female co-CEO of executive search firm Chadick Ellig, Janice Ellig, argues that companies need to “start recognising that gender inequality exists.”

Her comments followed an analysis of female CEO pay, released by The Associated Press and Equilar.

The data found that median pay for a female CEO was £10million last year whilst median male CEO pay was £8.8million - both an increase of nine per cent from 2015.