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Uber CEO search: Big names ruled out from Heidrick & Struggles hunt

Uber CEO search: Big names ruled out from Heidrick & Struggles hunt

Executive Grapevine | Executive Grapevine International Ltd

Speculation is increasing over who will take over from Travis Kalanick after the embattled - and now ex – CEO of Uber stood aside last month.

Tasked with improving company culture – a series of reports over the last six months revealed huge, systemic issues with Uber’s corporate ethos – the new CEO will have their hands full.

As a result of the gargantuan task ahead of them, Recode are reporting that some of Heidrick & Struggles potential targets are ruling themselves out of the race for the Uber hot seat.

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, was many of the bookies’ favourite to take the task. Yet, Sandberg, who has been praised for her employee-management skills at Facebook, is reported to be content with her role at the world’s biggest social media giant.

Sources also rule out Susan Wojciki, who runs Google’s YouTube unit - although she has great experience in cleansing less-than-good corporate culture.

Furthermore, sources close to Disney COO Tom Staggs and Ford CEO Alan Mulally have ruled themselves out – both are happy with their current positions.

Despite some of the biggest names pre-emptively declining the job, Heidrick & Struggles are not lacking in parties interested in becoming Uber’s next CEO

And there are rumours, coming from Uber itself, that they are looking for a global CEO – who will work akin to the way that executives work in European firms.

This makes it less likely that Heidrick & Struggles will be sourcing a tech-sector executive, with high potential for the hire to come from a company with more traditional structures.

Yet time is running out for the hire to get settled in and right a tech-sector giant who are currently listing dangerously.

As one anonymous Uber source said: ““We don’t have time to make a mistake. It’s both a great opportunity and an awful task for whoever gets it.”