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£69m think tank hires CarterBaldwin to find new President

£69m think tank hires CarterBaldwin to find new President

Executive Grapevine | Executive Grapevine International Ltd

The Heritage Foundation has hired CarterBaldwin, an Atlanta-based search firm, to help them find their new President.

Politico reports that the American Conservative think tank has a job listing circulating in influential circles, reading that the group has “an historic opportunity to build strategically on the organisation’s success, to promote unity within the conservative movement, and to positively address current public policy challenges facing our nation.”

The opening comes as the Board of Directors pushed out former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, citing “significant and worsening management issues that led to a breakdown of communication and trust”.

The new President will instantly rocket into the heavy political circles of the US, being in the centre of a society in social and economic reformation. Heritage is currently worth around £69million, and employs 350 people – according to interim President Ed Feulner.