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How Relatable dominated the global market by improving leadership, wellbeing & innovation

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What does it take to transform from a start-up with a handful of employees into a business that operates at an international level with sites around the world, in less than four years?

Relatable began life in 2016 as a small company with big ambitions; they are now established across continents stretching from London, to Stockholm, New York to LA.

With an $11m annual turnover Relatable understands what is at the very heart of a successful business. For them, it is unequivocally, the people. Fundamental to their rapid success was the belief that if they invested in their people, the rewards and growth would come too. That meant truly looking into the company itself with an unrelenting honesty and openness that allows for conversations and trust to develop.

For feedback that is not only encouraged but eagerly anticipated.

To disrupt a business model that has scarcely changed for centuries is brave and it is bold. But this is a new world that we are part of, and the business models of yesterday are no longer enough to survive, let alone thrive.

Effective leadership, enhanced wellbeing, and an environment that stimulates innovation are integral to any business. What binds them together, and what Relatable recognised from the outset, are humans.

This is how a four-year old business came to dominate their market on a global scale.

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